AC Repair and Mini Split Units For Abilene, TX

Batjer Heating & Cooling is proud to serve the entire Abilene, TX community and be the air conditioner company of choice for the community. Situated in the heart of Texas, Abilene is a small city that is home to just over 120,000 residents. It began as a major shipping point along the Texas and Pacific Railroad in 1881, but soon incorporated and became a growing city. During World War II, the city purchased land to create an army base; however, the base closed just five years later, causing fear that Abilene would become a ghost town. However, with the end of the war, many servicemen returned to Abilene to begin their new life. New businesses began to pop up and even a new Air Force base, which is the city’s largest employer to this day.

Today, Abilene remains a growing community, with plenty to do and see for people and families of all ages. Whether you live in the area because you are in the service, or simply wanted a place to enjoy real Texas living, Abilene is a great place to call home.

Why Should You Hire Our Company for AC Installation?

Our HVAC contractors have the knowledge and experience needed to do proper AC installation for your home. We also guarantee reliability and will complete every job we are hired for. Hiring our HVAC contractors will take away the stress of trying to figure out how to navigate the AC installation process yourself. We will come to your home and complete the AC installation process in a fraction of the time it would take anyone else. Contact our HVAC contractors to schedule an appointment for AC installation today!

When Are Air Conditioner Replacements Necessary?

Energy bill increases - If you notice a sudden jump in your energy bill, chances are you are due for an air conditioner replacement. An air conditioner replacement will decrease how hard your air conditioner needs to work to cool down your home, so your energy bill will return to normal.

Stops working consistently - When something goes wrong with your air conditioner and it is consistently turning off at random times, then you should have our HVAC contractors come to look at it. The last thing you want is an air conditioner that inconsistently cools your home when the temperature outside is blazing hot.

It is older than 10 years - After 10 years, it is extremely hard for an air conditioner to still function well. Unless your air conditioner is not used every year, chances are it is having a tough time cooling your home down. Some things to look for are obvious signs that your AC unit is working harder than usual, weird noises, inconsistent temperatures in your home, and unusual smells. If you feel like an air conditioner replacement will be necessary soon, our HVAC contractors can help you install it.

Contact Our Air Conditioning Company in Abilene, TX Today!

One of the main reasons people move to Abilene is because of the climate. With long hot summers and short mild winters, people can enjoy the outdoors even more here. However, some of those summer days make it nearly impossible to stay outside for too long. On those days you will want to stay inside and pump up the air conditioning. With temperatures regularly exceeding 100 degrees, you’ll want to make sure that your AC unit is in proper working order. If you need AC repair or need air conditioning replacement services, Batjer Heating & Cooling can handle all your HVAC needs throughout the Abilene, TX area, ranging from commercial AC services to residential heating services. Call our air conditioning company today for more information and to schedule your next service appointment!

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