Just like any home appliance, your air conditioner will not last forever. Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether you just need to call in a handyman to replace a filter and fix a leak or if your unit is one hot day away from kicking the bucket entirely. Fortunately, there are certain specific warning signs you can watch out for that indicate when it's time for a new air conditioner installation. The first is energy bills that have suddenly gone through the roof. This indicates your unit is having to work too hard to try to get the job done, meaning it's likely past its prime in terms of efficiency, so you could safely schedule an AC installation appointment. Another signal of potential problems is strange noises or smells coming from the system. Any sort of grinding or squeaking is not normal, nor is an overall increase in volume. Likewise, your air conditioner should be emitting clean and fresh air, not burning smells or musty odors. Lastly, moisture that has built up to the extent that your house is overly humid or that a refrigerant leak has resulted indicates your unit is no longer able to handle moisture in the way it's intended to, and you could have a mold problem on your hands before you know it. If you notice any of these issues, be sure to call a professional to come for AC installation services before you find yourself sweating and suffering.

When it’s time to replace your old air conditioner with a new unit, Batjer Heating & Cooling can help. Our air conditioning company has over 50 years of experience in both residential and commercial AC installation in the Abilene, TX area. Our certified HVAC contractors will help you choose the best unit for your property and provide you with top-of-the-line AC service.

Your new unit must have enough amperage to cool your entire space. We’ll come out to your property to give you an estimate on what a new one will cost and advise you on the best air conditioner replacement option given the size of your space and the frequency of use. Contact our air conditioning company today and take advantage of our professional air conditioner installation and heating services available to residents across Abilene, TX!

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The average air conditioner is expected to last between 10 to 15 years. If you are early on in your air conditioner’s life and are experiencing an issue with it, you may be able to get away with a repair. If this is the case, we can make the repair for you. Call Batjer Heating & Cooling today to set up your service appointment with us. Our AC company has dedicated over 50 years to providing the best AC installation, mini-split units, and heater services to the Abilene, TX region!

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