Tips For Reducing Cooling Costs

Keeping your property is often a necessity in Abilene, TX. It can reach temperatures as high as almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures are unbearable, but air conditioning helps make it bearable. Running your air conditioning to cool your home or business means that you will be using up a lot of energy. Energy is not free. That means you will get some high energy bills, especially as temperatures warm up during the summer months

You already have many expenses that you worry about, do not let cooling costs be one of them. There are things that you can do to reduce your energy costs and save yourself some money while still staying cool. Things you can do include:

  • Set Your Thermostat Up a Few Degrees: For every 1 degree above 75 degrees, your energy bills can increase by 3-5%. We recommend increasing the temperature by a degree or two at a time to help save money but keep it at a comfortable temperature.
  • Don’t Block Vents: Airflow is critical to allowing your air conditioning system to distribute cold air to your property. It does this through your ventilation. If you block vents, you will have poor airflow, some areas won’t get as cold as they can be, and you will be wasting energy. Check and clear anything that may be blocking vents such as furniture.
  • Upgrade Your Air Conditioning: Newer models of air conditioners are more energy efficient than their older counterparts. If your air conditioner is old, consider getting a new one to keep your property cool with less energy.
  • Use Ceiling Fans: The U.S. Department of Energy says that you can install a ceiling fan and adjust your thermostat up to 4 degrees without losing any comfort. That is a lot of potential energy savings by using a simple and effective fan.
  • Close the Curtains: Light from the sun transfers heat energy into your home through your windows. Closing your curtains blocks out the light and thus the transference of heat. Blinds and curtains that are light in color are the most effective at deflecting the light and its radiant heat from your property.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat: Smart thermostats allow you to preset the temperature you want your property to be at specific times of the day. You can have it keep your home cool while you are away and let your HVAC system take a break while you are away, reducing energy consumption. Best of all, you may even be able to access everything from your cellphone.
  • Replace Your Air Filter: Your air is filtered through the air filters of your air conditioning system. Over time, they get clogged, allowing debris to get into your vents and restricting airflow. This makes it more difficult for your AC to cool your home. Replacing your air filter allows it to more effectively remove debris in your vents that are restricting airflow and causing uneven cooling of your property.


At Batjer Heating & Cooling, we provide professional air conditioning installation services to the Abilene, TX area. Keeping your property cool is necessary in Texas and your AC is what does that for you. In doing so, it will use a lot of energy which means that you will see high energy bills. You can reduce your energy costs by following the tips mentioned above and by performing regular maintenance on your HVAC system. Our cooling contractors should perform all repairs that are needed to ensure that they are done properly, warranties remain valid, and maximize the efficiency of your AC. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning maintenance!


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Misty Q
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We called 8 different places looking for help with our AC unit. They not only made room for us, but got here early! The technician they sent to our house was Ed. He was AWESOME!!!! Got the unit looked at and running again in no time!! We loved him!! He worked very fast and was very professional! I hope he is the one who comes out if we ever need to use your company again. Thank you guys!! And a big thank you to Mr. Ed!!!!
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It was the weekend hot and humid and my A/C goes out. I called Batjer and in less than an hour they are knocking on my door. they looked at my system and said my fan was going out and needs replaced. The part I needed was not in stock so they found a fan that could hold me over till they could get the right one. Monday came and so did Batjer with my new fan. Everything they did was spot on.
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We had Batjer install a Lennox variable heat pump system in July 2020. It has been great so far. After having the new system installed for a couple of months, we have noticed a massive drop in our power bill. It's been at least $100 a month less when compared to the same bill from last year. ... The giant leap in energy efficiency between our old and new systems translated into massive savings on our power bill in our specific case. I would recommend them if you want a quality job done right.
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Batjer is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with. The service they offer is fast, responsive, and extremely competent. I recommend Batjer without reservation! They’re great. I would recommend them if you want a quality job done right.
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They were at our residence shortly after they were called. Found the problem, explained it to us, fixed it and done. This has happened every time they have had to come to our rescue. Imagine that, a company that takes care of business like that. Batjer will always have our business.I would recommend them if you want a quality job done right.
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We own rent property and have relied on Batjer for over 25 years. They’ve never let us down! They are always quick to respond, (even in the dead of night on a weekend!), always courteous, and always able to fix any problem we’ve ever run into. They are THE BEST and we highly recommend them to take care of your hearing/AC needs.


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